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What areas do you cover?  In short - everywhere!  Magic Wand are based in Dublin and will happily travel in and around Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Laois, Meath & Carlow... We would also be happy to travel further afield. (There may be a travel fee for events further from the above mentioned areas.)


What sort of face paint do you use?  All paints used are high quality cosmetics and are manufactured using only ingredients fully compliant with EU & FDA toy and cosmetic regulations.  They are approved for cosmetic use, are water based and are non-toxic.  We mainly use TAG & Diamond FX products but will also use, Cameleon & Snazaroo products to a lesser extent.  Also, all glitter, powders & diamontés used are approved for cosmetic use and are safe around the eyes.


How easy is it to remove face paint?  All products will wash off with mild soap and water.


Sensitive skin?  If concern remains over sensitivity to products, please request a skin patch test prior to painting.


How many faces can you paint in an hour?  As a guide, we suggest 10-12 faces an hour but this all depends on the level of detail required in each face painting. For a party of 15-20 people it is suggested you allow 2 hours for beautiful detail.  Please contact Magic Wand to discuss your specific requirements.


How do I care for my Glitter Tattoo?  To prolong the life of your tattoo, wash it gently with a mild soap and do not use a  cloth. Pat, DO NOT RUB, the area dry.


How do I remove a Glitter Tattoo?  Removal of the Glitter/Temporary Tattoos can be done with baby oil or 70% rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad wiped in a circular motion for 1-3 minutes. Wipe with a cloth or towel after. If you are prone to sensitive skin, it is best to allow the tattoo to fade with time to prevent irritation.


Are you a Clown?  No, we are not clowns.  We do not entertain like clowns.  We do dress colorfully or to fit the specific event, and we will paint our own faces with something fun & suitable.


How may I pay you?  We can accept either cash on the day or credit / debit card payment through PayPal prior to the event. We do not accept personal cheques.


Do you have insurance?  Yes! We have full public liability insurance and can provide proof of insurance upon request.


What do I need to supply?  If possible, two chairs and a sturdy table.  If you do not have a table and chairs, Magic Wand will be happy to bring them along.  Also, please allow a free parking space in close proximity to the event.


What do you bring?  When attending an event, Magic Wand will provide all entertainment materials including, but not limited to; paints, glitter tattoos, nail art supplies and balloons.


Do you accomadate large events? Yes! If you require us to set up on a larger scale for events such as festivals & fairs, we can provide tables and chairs, our 3Mx3M super strong popup gazebo including signage and decoration.


Is there any situation you can't work in?  As long as there is a sufficient space to work, with good lighting and cover from the sun on hot days or good shelter from the wind and rain in bad weather, Magic Wand are all set to go!


Hygiene?  Baby wipes and hand sanitizer are used to keep everything clean and tidy.  Water is changed frequently and brushes are thoroughly rinsed in a three pot system between clients and sterilized and cleaned between parties.  The highest level of hygiene control is strictly adhered to including a ‘1 sponge per face’ policy to minimise any possible cross infection. All sponges used are washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine before re-using them at the next event.


Supervision?  For your child's safety, under no circumstances will we supervise children. We are focused on our painting and are largely unaware of what is going on around us.  Please make sure a parent or guardian is around to keep an eye on your little ones.


How do I book my party?  The easiest way is here through our website. Fill out our booking form with your information and we will contact you to confirm your details and our availability.


What is your cancellation policy?  If you need to cancel a booking with Magic Wand, please make contact as soon as possible.  At least 48 hours notice would be much appreciated, thank you.


How far in advance do I need to book?  At least 24 hours notice is required for bookings, though the earlier you book, the more likely a spot will be available at your ideal time.  Magic Wand will always try to make something work.  All scheduling is run through a real-time calendar, Magic Wand can check availability and book you as far out as you'd like.


I saw you painting at an event recently, can I have you attend my party?  We will always make the best effort to accommodate your request.

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