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Terms of Service:


Payment is due upon arrival of your Artist(s), at time of set-up. Should payment not be made for ANY REASON, unfortunately Magic Wand will not set-up for the event.


Private parties require a Booking Fee to be applied to the total cost of party and is non-refundable for any reason.  If the party is cancelled due to verified bad weather on the day of the party, the Booking Fee may be applied to a rescheduled date based on the availability of Magic Wand.


Magic Wand will not perform outdoors on forecast days of heavy rain, snow, or thunder/lightening. Client may reschedule.  If it is raining the day of your event you will receive a call to verify if Magic Wand should still come. If you request that we come and then cancel after we have arrived at your event or if bad weather interrupts the event, the original contract fee will be due in full. Please note that we are happy to move the fun indoors if space allows.


Should there be any illegal activities present, (including, but not limited to drugs and or firearms) for the safety of our staff, we reserve the right to remove ourselves from the event with no refund.


Painters Disclaimer:


Allergies/Sensitive Skin: The face paints used are hypo-allergenic to minimize the chance of reaction. If concern remains over product sensitivity, please request a Skin Patch Test PRIOR to painting. A small patch test can be done 20 minutes to 1 hour before the face is painted to be sure of no irritation. Should a reaction occur we will be unable to paint the person affected.  Magic Wand will not be held liable for possible allergic reactions.


We reserve the right to refuse to paint a person where it is judged inappropriate due to age or behavior. We do not paint children under the age of two.  If a person cannot keep still enough to have their face painted safely, an alternative area may be painted if suitable. We will NOT under any circumstances paint a person who clearly does not wish to be painted, shows confusion, distress, anxiety, or who is asleep.


We reserve the right to refuse to paint areas on individuals that show symptoms of Medical Conditions, including, but not limited to; cold sores, open wounds/broken skin, heavy cold with runny nose, conjunctivitis, severe acne, or infectious skin diseases.  All persons wishing to be painted must be presented with a clean, dry face.


At private events/parties, it is the responsibility of the organiser to ensure that the permission of parents/guardians is obtained prior to children being painted.


We will not take responsibility for the welfare and safety of children waiting to be painted. Please ensure children are supervised while waiting. Please supervise children to prevent touching of our face paint products to ensure the health and hygiene standards are maintained. On the job we will have a plentiful supply of clean water. We will use one sponge per face when laying down a base and all brushes are rinsed thoroughly with clean water on a regular basis. We will have several plastic bottles filled with clean water to add to paints for use on faces. Between jobs all equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.


Please do not ask us to paint offensive symbols or paint on inappropriate areas of the body.  Requests of this nature will be refused without being in breach of any contract or agreement.


We always use water-soluble face paints and in nearly all cases they are non-staining. We will take care in their use but will not be held liable for any damage caused to any person, clothing, or their property at any time. Most stains are removed by soaking in a stain removal solution prior to washing. Please provide adequate protection where necessary.


Removal of paint at home can be done with mild soap and water. Some colours can linger on some skin types, especially dry skin. Please do not worry it will fade within a day or so. Some find using a skin lotion to hydrate the skin helps before washing a second time.


Removal of the Glitter/Temporary Tattoos can be done with baby oil or 70% rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad wiped in a circular motion. If you are prone to sensitive skin, it is best to allow the tattoo to fade with time to prevent irritation. Glitter/Temporary Tattoos will at no time be applied to the face.


Please do not eat or drink whilst being painted.


Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.


Once the queue has been closed, no-one else will be painted.




Magic Wand will not take photograph/s without the consent of the person/parent/guardian. We may ask for consent to take a photograph once you or your child is painted for use in advertising (including, but not limited to, cards, press releases, flyers, website etc). Any photographs taken will be used for promotional purposes only and identities will not be revealed to third parties.  A complimentary copy can be emailed to a parent/guardian upon request.  You are under no obligation to give consent.


Thank you for reading through the legalities. NOW ONTO THE FUN!